Paula Roush

(Lisbon) Lives and works in London.

Artist and founder of msdm [mobile strategies of display & mediation]. The label msdm proposes a co-laboratorial space for art practices that use, promote and investigate mobile strategies of display and mediation. Research Fellow of the Centre for Media & Culture Research, and part of the research network ABC (Artist’s Books Cooperative). Teaches photographic art and artists’ publishing at the London South Bank University, and supervise graduate research projects, is also Coordinator of the module: Thinking Practices, part of the MA in Art and Media Practice at the University of Westminster.

Her work is an open intersection of different media, including para-arquitecture, sound, video, photography, text, posters, installations, computer gaming, web streaming, public interventions and curating. Examples of her projects are: Browser Landscapes, Participatory Architectures (Archive, Memory, Revolution), Soundtrack for a cctv, Bowville, Arphield Recordings, projecto b*LOAN, Protest Academy (What are we doing? What is happening to us? What needs to be done? I prefer not to); SOS:OK (Save Our Souls: Zero Killings); expôs na: the Bauhaus Foundation, Dessau; no Living Art Museum, Reykjavik; GAK – Gesellschaft fur Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen; na Biennial of Prague; Centre of Modern Art – Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisboa; P74 Gallery, Ljubljana; Transmediale and Sparwasser, Berlin; EV+A, Limerick; K3, Zurich and Kunsthalle Exerngrass, Vienna.

Roush was co-founder of “Local Worlds: Spaces, Visibilities and Transcultural Flows”, Centro Cultural de Lagos, Portugal (2008), “Welcome Goodbye Adeus Obrigada: Journeys, Dislocations and Imaginary Nations”, Blue Elephant Theatre, London (2006), “Postscript: Portuguese Live Art in the Age of Scripted Reality”, Space, London (2004) and “Outsourcing: Creative Collision Between Artist and Curator”, inIVA, London (2002).