ProjectoMap is a curatorial non-profit project of research and mapping the universe of contemporary art in Portugal; it began in 2009, and was publically launched in 2011, by the Cultural Association Colectivo de Curadores.

Each artist invited to belong to Map – Map of Portuguese Artists – must suggest two names of other artists, who are central to his / her personal and or professional universe. It is from here – the direct nomination between artists that the map develops exponentially. ProjectoMap is therefore a map of artistic relationships, as well as a map of mutual legitimation between artists. The curatorial team of ProjectoMap does not interfere with the selection process.

Since then, and seven years later, ProjectoMap has become one of the biggest online platforms presenting itself as a database – always growing and developing – and an interactive map, offering a differenciated reading of the geography of Portuguese contemporary creation. Bilingual, in Portuguese and English, each artist has an individual profile, with a biographical text, visual representations of his / her most important works and an interview, which is put into place as part of a bigger artistic universe.

ProjectoMap has been a Portuguese phenomenon, with national and international recognitation, developing and executing conferences, presentations and exhibitions in Portugal and abroad: ProjectoMap has been presented from Lisbon to Miami, Venice, Madrid and Berlin.

Its curatorial team, between others, have been invited to be part of the opening activities of the Portuguese Pavillion at the 55th Venice Biennale (2013), as well as to talk about what is happening in the Portuguese art scene at the international conferences of PINTA Forum, Miami (2015), and the curatorial team was also invited to present ProjectoMap at the international conference - Uncertain Spaces, Virtual Configurations in Contemporary Art and MuseumsFundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon.


ProjectoMap was created in 2009 by four curators, who founded also the Cultural Association Colectivo de Curadores Associação Cultural in Lisbon. Currently this curatorial team consists of:

Executive Direction Member 
Alda Galsterer
Verónica de Mello

Artistic Production
Beatriz José, communication, edition and production support

Consultive Members
Felipa Almeida, Carolina Trigueiros, Sofia Caetano, Rita Gaspar