Conversation with Ana Pérez-Quiroga at the artist's house 

Ana Pérez-Quiroga: It's my house, I live here. It's a rented house, I pay a rent. 

I saw through the website that the objects are also for sale... 

Almost 90% of the objects. The objects are for sale but they can only be sold if people rent the house for two nights. 

Why did you decide to rent this house, that is yours and has your things, to other people? 

Because this is my artistic project, it's an installation. It is not only the house, it is the house and its objects, it’s a total installation. This is related to an idea of art-life fusion, which in this case, who gives the frame or the legitimacy for it to become an artistic installation, it's me. It is not given by a museum, nor by a gallery. It could all be in a place in which you would enter and have already the idea that what you were about to see is a work of art, a piece of contemporary art. What I ask the people who come in here is for them to have a slight change of attitude in the way the observe. You are not coming to the house of an artist, you are coming to a house that is an artistic work itself. So the way you should look at it, is that you're here to perform. For example, you are here but not just asking a question, you are part of an event, that event is this conversation and this conversation is precisely about an artistic theme, in which I am trying to demonstrate, trying to put into practice within this speech, explaining the protocols not only for to you to be here but also to understand it. 
Somehow this fits in a certain range, like an Airbnb, as if I could put my house in the "art" category on Airbnb. It values everything much more, and it’s not that the house has a high price, it’s AA€ for people to stay with the whole house, not even the price is expensive. What interests me the most is exactly that it is me who has the reins. You go to a museum and you pay for a ticket, you come here and you pay for the stay.
But what is it that interests me beyond the money? It's that the people who stay over for two nights, stay for two nights and stay in full immersion with my objects and themselves to perform. 
Then there is a paper, I send a document in which people write... And I end up documenting these events.

  • Date: 2016
  • Local: Lisboa