In a central neighborhood of Lisbon, we got to know Fernanda Fragateiro's working place where light is the fundamental element of the artistic action. The artist, whose works explore the bi-dimensional and tridimensional, revealed, in a very generous way, parts of her artistic universe to us: she talked about her artistic references, as well as she disclosed the future venue for her next upcoming individual show.

ProjectoMap: The last time we visited your studio you had a place at Rua da Madalena (Lisbon). It had a smaller scale, closer to the human body. Yet, in terms of luminosity you can find a certain parallelism between this studio and the older one; both have a lot of light. Do you feel that your work has changed? 

Fernanda Fragateiro: That was the idea when I moved to another studio, to be able to change the scale of my work a little bit. In a sense, that Madalena (the artist’s former studio) was not helping me, I couldn’t even mount bigger pieces there. Over there, I had nor dimension, nor scale. Here the big advantage is that I can see the artworks from a higher point of view, which is important for me, because I work a lot with the floor level. Also, it allows me to have different working spaces, places where it doesn’t matter if we produce more litter, or are louder than expected; and as I have an exterior space, too, in the end this creates different studio areas. Now that I'm preparing a solo exhibition, I think, I'm getting the most out of it. Here I can rehearsal the pieces, install them on a scale 1 to 1 like in the exhibition space.

ProjectoMap: When and where will be this exhibition? Can you tell us?

Fernanda Fragateiro: It will be in January at the Eugénio de Almeida Fórum in Évora, curated by Adam Budak. It is an exhibition about language, about text, about the relationship between architecture and the text, as if the book was a small building. The space created by text, the space of thought, of drawing. The artworks will be all over the exhibition space, but are made up of fragments: a little, as if they where words or letters that come together and create a text. Thus, the exhibition will deal a lot with architecture. But mostly with thoughts and not so much with construction itself; more about construction as theory of thought. 

ProjectoMap: What is your relationship with the studio? Is it a methodological, an everyday relationship? 

Fernanda Fragateiro: Yes, it is completely working class! I arrive at the studio at 8.30am, and as I have a dog now, he accompanies me everyday; we have a walk of half an hour, and by 9.30am my assistants arrive, and we start working and only leave around 6.30 / 7pm.

Interview by Alda Galsterer and Verónica de Mello, Colective of Curators
Photo credits Joana Portela
Edition Sofia Caetano


  • Date: 30-11-2016
  • Local: Olivais